Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cheesecake?

If you’re wondering “Can bearded dragons eat cheesecake?” you’re not alone. Many pet owners ask the same question, but the answer depends on many factors. For example, dairy products contain lactose, a simple sugar that reptiles can’t digest. They also contain fat, which is a high energy macro-nutrient. If you want to keep your beardie from becoming ill, you should avoid giving your pet any food made from dairy products. You should also steer clear of vegan alternatives, which can be detrimental to your reptile.

Nutritional Value

Bearded dragons are not able to digest dairy products. This is due to the reptile’s lactose intolerance. This means that it does not produce the necessary enzymes in its digestive system to break down milk. Thus, dairy products are toxic for bearded dragons and should be avoided.

Bearded dragons can eat a variety of fruits, but it is important to limit the amount you feed them. Fruit contains lots of sugar and can lead to excessive obesity. Additionally, citrus fruits can upset their tummies. According to Exotic vet John Chitty, soft fruits should be fed sparingly or as part of a fixed diet.

Health Benefits

Cheesecake is a healthy dessert for bearded dragons that they love! It is a great way to get your beardie a good dose of calcium. The fruit can be a treat for your beardie, but try to keep the amount of fruit to around 10% to 15% of its diet. It’s also important to remember that bearded dragons are opportunistic hunters, and therefore need a good balance of calcium and phosphorus in their diet.

In addition to cheesecake, your beardie should also eat vegetables. A large variety of vegetables is good for the health of your beardie, and some contain high levels of nutrients. However, be sure to avoid foods that are high in oxalic acid. The acid can harm your beardie if it’s ingested in large amounts. Beet greens, for instance, contain oxalic acid and are toxic to bearded dragons.

Serving Size

A bearded dragon cheesecake may seem a bit sweet, but it’s not actually unhealthy for your bearded dragon. This dessert is loaded with key nutrients such as calcium and potassium, but be sure to cut it into bite-sized pieces. In addition, you can feed your dragon some fruit like strawberries, which have a high phosphorus-to-calcium ratio. Watermelon, on the other hand, is not very nutritionally dense, so it’s not recommended for your bearded dragon.

Other Alternatives

If you can’t get your hands on cheesecake, there are some other alternatives. You can add some chopped greens, or mix in chopped strawberries or apples. There are many healthy alternatives to cheesecake that won’t cause a health problem for your beardie.