Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries?

One of the most common questions that pet owners ask is “Can bearded dragons eat cherries?” However, while cherries do contain some benefits for humans, they are not particularly healthy for bearded dragons. The combination of fruit acid and sugar is bad for the digestive system of bearded dragons. This can lead to diarrhea in your pet.

Nutritional Value

There are many risks associated with allowing bearded dragons to eat cherries. While many people think that cherries are harmless, there is a high chance that your beardie will choke on them. It might also try to eat the entire fruit. To minimize the risk of this, make sure to cut the fruit into small pieces.

However, cherries have many benefits for your beardie dragon. Cherries contain potassium, which is essential for proper muscle function and kidney health. They also contain copper and manganese, which are important for metabolism in animals.

Potential Risks

Cherries can be a good treat for your bearded dragon, but you should be aware of potential risks. Cherries, particularly those that are dried, lose many of their nutrients. Not only do they lack calcium and other important vitamins, but they are also often laced with preservative chemicals.

Cherries contain a high amount of sugar. This can cause a variety of health issues in bearded dragons. They can cause tooth decay and obesity, and they may contribute to their digestive problems. High sugar levels can also cause problems in the heart, liver, and kidneys. Diarrhea may also occur, so you’ll need to limit your bearded dragon’s consumption of cherries.

Despite these risks, cherries are generally considered a healthy snack and can be fed to bearded dragons. They should be given cherries in small amounts, and you shouldn’t give them more than one per week. However, if you do feed your beardie regularly, it might end up suffering health problems.

Serving Size

Cherries are a common treat for bearded dragons. They are full of potassium and sugar. However, they can cause diarrhea and bone disorders if they are eaten in excess. To avoid causing harm to your beardie, be sure to follow feeding guidelines. In addition, never feed your beardie canned or dried cherries.

Cherry pits are poisonous. Although not lethal, the cyanide in them is toxic to reptiles. The pits are also very hard and can choke your beardie. Therefore, only feed cherries to your beardie once a month. For best results, make sure to remove any cherry pits and husks from the fruit.

Cherry seeds contain oxalic acid, a compound that binds calcium. As a result, bearded dragons will excrete calcium with feces, rather than process it into bones. Because of this, you should only feed cherries as treats and not as a regular diet.