Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken?

Nutritional Value

Chicken can be a tasty treat for bearded dragons, but it has a high protein and calorie content, and can cause health issues. Ideally, your beardie should be given a balanced diet of veggies and insects as its main sources of nutrition. However, chicken should only be given as a treat to your beardie once in a while.

Among its many benefits, chicken is rich in calcium and protein. However, it is important to remember that chicken contains high levels of phosphorus, which prevents absorption of calcium. This can result in metabolic bone disease in your beardie, a potentially fatal condition. Furthermore, chicken’s high protein content makes it difficult for your beardie to digest and will cause it to have difficulty absorbing the calcium in the food.

Potential Risks

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and nutrients for your bearded dragon, but there are potential risks associated with this food. For starters, chicken contains high levels of phosphorus, which can lead to metabolic bone disease in your dragon. Because chicken contains so much phosphorus, your beardie’s body won’t be able to absorb as much calcium as it needs, which can lead to bone degeneration.

In addition to chicken, bearded dragons can get sick from eating venomous insects. They may ingest the venom and die, so it’s better to avoid it altogether. They can also ingest moths, which are attracted to light sources. While there is no specific research on the effects of eating red meat on bearded dragons, it’s safe to assume that red meat is dangerous for your pet.

Serving Size

While chicken is very nutritious, it can also be problematic for bearded dragons. Chicken contains a high phosphorus content, which can prevent the absorption of calcium. When a beardie is calcium deficient, it can develop painful bone disease. Phosphorus is not beneficial for beardies, and it will cause them a lot of trouble.

The best vegetables for bearded dragons are those that contain lots of calcium. Nevertheless, carrots can be a bad choice because they contain high amounts of vitamin A and are not good for the dragon’s digestive system. Moreover, carrots can cause toxicity in bearded dragons. Besides, the green top of a carrot is nutritious. Zucchini is also okay for bearded dragons, but it does not contain many nutrients.

Another great source of calcium is eggshells. Although this should not be the sole source of food for bearded dragons, it is an excellent addition to their diets. However, make sure to boil the eggshells before serving them to avoid causing digestive problems. You should also be aware of bacteria that may be present in eggshells.

Other Alternatives

Although bearded dragons can eat chicken, the high fat and cholesterol content can cause your pet to become sick. It may also contain harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning in reptiles. Additionally, chicken bones can cause internal injuries if they are swallowed. That’s why you should make sure that any chicken you feed your beardie is thoroughly cooked.

There are other alternatives to chicken, which are also nutritious for your pet. Several fruits and vegetables are safe for beardies to eat. For instance, apples can be nutritious for beardies. However, you should peel them before serving them, as they can be high in oxalates. Lastly, watermelon is safe for your beardie, but is not a very high-nutrient food.