Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fine Beans?

If you want your bearded dragon to be healthy, then he needs to eat plenty of greens. Some greens that bearded dragons can eat are: Bibb lettuce, Watercress, Kale, and turnip greens. These greens are high in nutrients and easily digested by bearded dragons. Other foods that bearded dragons can eat include peas and various squashes.

Green beans

Green beans are a favorite food for bearded dragons. They are available in a variety of forms, including dried, canned, or frozen. They are safe for your dragon to eat if they have no added preservatives or ingredients. When choosing a green bean, look for organic or frozen varieties with no added ingredients. Ideally, your beardie will be fed a pelleted blend that is balanced to their specific dietary needs.

Bibb lettuce

While you can feed your bearded dragon lettuce, it is best to avoid giving them a large quantity of it, as this can cause swelling and dehydration. In addition, too much of this vegetable can also lead to a condition known as hypervitaminosis A. This condition can even be fatal. To prevent this problem, you can also give your beardie a calcium supplement. However, you should watch out for oxalates, which bind with calcium and prevent absorption of this mineral. Monitoring calcium and phosphorus levels in your beardie’s diet is crucial for proper bone development.


The right diet for your bearded dragon should include plenty of leafy greens and vegetables. It should be at least 70 percent plant-based. Green beans and carrots should only make up about five percent of its diet. A little variety of fruit is okay as long as it’s pesticide-free. You can also add a few mealworms every few days. Green beans can also be beneficial, but make sure you only give your beardie the raw variety.


If you’re interested in feeding your bearded dragon some fresh vegetables, green beans can be an excellent option. They contain nearly no fat and are high in vitamins A, C, and K, which your beardie will appreciate. They also contain low levels of phosphorus, making them a safer choice than soybeans. But you should note that green beans are not the same as sweet garden peas, which are toxic to bearded dragons.


Fine beans are an excellent food for bearded dragons, and you can serve them to your pet in many ways. You can serve them as a side dish or add them to a salad. Just be sure to make sure that they’re fresh and chemical-free. You can buy green beans in a grocery store or grow them yourself.


Fine beans can be fed to a bearded dragon as a healthy snack. They don’t require any special preparation and you should be able to find organic ones without any added ingredients. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly. Also, you should only feed your beardie a small amount of green beans each day. It’s important to give your beardie enough calcium each day, so be sure to sprinkle some calcium power on its food. However, before you start introducing green beans to your beardie, be sure to consult a professional veterinarian.

Spinach isn’t a good idea for bearded dragons

Spinach isn’t the best food choice for your bearded dragon, as it contains too much of an ingredient called oxalates. These substances bind with calcium and lead to bone deficiency. Metabolic bone disease is especially common in younger beardies. The main culprits are low calcium and phosphorus and lack of vitamin D3.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is one of the many greens that bearded dragons can eat. This leafy vegetable is rich in calcium, which helps beardies develop strong bones. A diet lacking in calcium can be dangerous for beardies. Chard also contains phosphorus, which beardies also need. Its calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is about 2:1, which is ideal for beardies.