Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lorazepam?

You’ve probably heard of Flexeril, but you don’t know that it can be fatal for bearded dragons. This muscle relaxer must be administered orally. It also contains a lethal ingredient, Activated Charcoal, which your beardie will consume and absorb into its bloodstream. This ingredient will lower the heart rate, slow breathing and cause loss of consciousness.

Nutritional Value

Lorazepam is an appetite stimulant. In budgerigars, it provides a longer duration of appetite stimulation than midazolam. Lorazepam is an oral or intranasal medication. Therefore, it is a promising candidate for appetite stimulation in avian patients.

Potential Risks

There are numerous potential risks associated with feeding your bearded dragon lorazepam, including the possibility of the dragon losing consciousness. This medication, which can be as high as 10mg per dose, is a muscle relaxant and can have serious side effects for small bearded dragons. For this reason, it is important to use proper precautions.

Other Alternatives

If you are looking for Other Alternatives to Lorazepam for bearded dragon care, look no further. This sedative is often lethal for smaller bearded dragons. However, Activated Charcoal has been shown to be an effective alternative. This substance can be ingested by mouth and will be absorbed into the bearded dragon’s bloodstream. It is known to slow down the breathing and reduce the heart rate, and may even cause a loss of consciousness.