Can Bearded Dragons Eat Nylabone?

Bearded dragons love to eat vegetables, and nylabone is a popular diet for them. However, they should not be fed spinach, iceberg lettuce, or broccoli. Fruits are also fine to feed your dragon, but you should cut back on how much you give them. You should also never feed them kiwi or figs.

Nutritional Value

Bearded dragons require many essential nutrients from their diets. Calcium is especially important. If your beardie is lacking in this nutrient, you can try adding a supplement. In addition, it is crucial to provide proper UVB lighting to ensure the beardie stays healthy. Below is a list of key nutrients and their importance to your beardie.

A good beardie diet consists of several different foods. This includes insects, small vertebrates, fruits and greens. Bearded dragons also eat live prey. This makes it very important to provide them with a varied diet.

Health benefits

A variety of vegetables are good for your dragon, but some are more nutritious than others. Dark leafy greens such as broccoli and spinach are great options. You can also give them occasional servings of fresh flower tops. You can also try cilantro or basil, but only serve them when the leaves are young and more tender. Your dragon shouldn’t eat grass, as it can cause digestive problems. The green parts of carrots are healthy for your dragon. Lastly, zucchini is safe for your beardie, but it doesn’t contain many nutrients.

Most commercially raised feeder insects are low in calcium. Your beardie needs calcium as much as possible, so adding a small amount to his or her food is a great idea. However, you should only use dried insects once in a while. It’s better to provide live insects.

Potential Risks

Eating a Nylabone is not an uncommon practice in some bearded dragon households. But there are some risks associated with giving your pet a rubber or plastic chewing toy. The main risk is suffocation or dangerous clogs in the intestines, especially the small intestine. If your beardie ingests a Nylabone, you should consult with a veterinarian immediately. In some cases, surgery is needed to remove the toy.

Similarly, onions are too acidic for bearded dragons to eat. In addition, they contain compounds that are not healthy for your dragon. They may also lead to vitamin deficiencies. In addition, they are highly water-based.

Serving Size

A serving size of Nylabone for bearded dragon diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining your beardie’s health. While beardies get all of their vitamin D from the sun, they can’t get this nutrient from a regular diet, which is why you should supplement your beardie’s diet with a multivitamin supplement. You can buy these in powder form and add them to your beardie’s regular food.

A typical serving size is one Nylabone or one Old Mother Hubbard. Old Mother Hubbard dog treats are smaller, and they offer different flavors. The Nylabone dog treat is slightly more expensive, but it has an impressive serving size of more than three ounces per bone.

Other Alternatives

If your bearded dragon has outgrown the Nylabone, there are other alternatives available for them. These toys are a great way to provide them with physical and mental enrichment, and can be found just about anywhere. One such alternative is the Benebone, which is a natural material infused with real flavors. It is available in both wishbone and zaggler shapes and is slightly more expensive than the Nylabone.