Can Geckos Eat Citrus Fruits?

If you want to feed your gecko citrus fruit, you can do so without worrying about the effects it may have on its health. However, you should know that citrus fruits are high in oxalic acid, which interferes with calcium absorption. This acid is harmful to your gecko, so you should be sure you give it only small amounts.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of citrus fruits for geckos can be determined by comparing the nutrients of two types of citrus fruits. One type is rich in vitamin A, which is essential for the proper functioning of reptile systems. The other type contains phosphorus and calcium, which help build strong bones. It is very important to note that geckos need an appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Too much calcium can lead to metabolic bone disease. A 2:1 ratio is recommended by most experts.

Citrus fruits contain many beneficial nutrients for geckos. However, some are toxic to these lizards. Citrus fruits contain oxalic acid, which can cause problems for your gecko’s thyroid. In addition, they contain a lot of sugar. Thus, you should avoid giving citrus fruits to your gecko regularly.

Health Benefits

Citrus fruits are excellent food items for geckos, but they should not be given to your gecko in large amounts. Geckos need a good balance of phosphorus and calcium to stay healthy. When their diets are too low in these nutrients, they are susceptible to metabolic bone disease. Certain fruits, like grapefruits, can provide these nutrients. However, if you give them too many at a time, they may experience digestive issues.

Citrus fruits are also high in oxalic acid, which is harmful to geckos. This acid binds to calcium, a vital nutrient for geckos. So, it is better to give your gecko a small amount of citrus fruit every few days.

Potential Risks

There are several potential risks associated with feeding citrus fruits to geckos. The high concentration of oxalic acid and vitamin C may prevent your gecko from absorbing enough calcium and can cause diarrhea. Avocados, which are also high in vitamin C, contain a toxin called persin, which can cause sudden death in small animals. Additionally, cold-blooded reptiles have lower metabolic rates than their mammalian counterparts.

Although some fruits are dangerous for geckos, there are other types that are perfectly fine. For example, figs and papaya are both considered to be healthy for crested geckos. Kiwis are also high in oxalic acid, making them potentially harmful for your gecko. You should also avoid giving your gecko tomatoes or related citrus fruits. Bananas, mangoes, pears, and guavas are considered safe for your gecko.

Serving Size

It is important to give your geckos a healthy diet. They will need to keep their weight up so that they can breed and survive. You can also give them different types of vegetables and fruits, but be careful not to overfeed them with one food. If your geckos become obese, they can become sick. Also, it is essential to provide enough water to keep their bodies hydrated.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. However, they also contain oxalic acid, which can cause diarrhea and a decrease in calcium. Moreover, citrus fruits may be toxic to small animals because they contain high amounts of persin, a toxin which can cause death. Cold-blooded reptiles do not have high metabolic rates, so too much of any food can cause problems.

Other Alternatives

Aside from citrus fruit, there are other fruits that are good for geckos. One of these is the mango, which is ideal for the crested variety. You can also give your gecko an overripe mango, which has a soft texture. However, don’t feed your gecko ants, as they are not good for their digestion and lack vitamins and minerals. Other good choices are peaches and dried mealworms. Mealworms are rich in protein, and crushed mealworms will aid in digestion.

Another fruit that your gecko can eat is a pomegranate. It will not harm your gecko, but it won’t be as nutritious as a citrus fruit. And don’t forget to remove the seeds. Papaya seeds are not good for geckos as they may cause impaction. Kiwi is also an excellent choice for geckos, but you should make sure to peel it first. Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C, but you should avoid giving your gecko too much.