How to Identify Male Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons need vegetables as part of their diet. They should make up 50-50% of their daily diet, and young beardies should be fed a variety of greens every day. Young dragons benefit from dark leafy vegetables like romaine, turnip greens, mustard greens, collard greens, bok choy, and escarole. Other veggies, like squash or yam … Read more

Can Geckos Be Trained by Ringing a Bell at Feeding Time?

You should know what noises to anticipate before you start teaching your gecko. When geckos are upset or defensive, they emit chirping, clicking, and screeching sounds. You may learn more about these noises by watching gecko videos on YouTube. Screaming is the most typical sound heard by new gecko owners. New owners often believe that … Read more

Why Does My Cat Always Lay by My Gecko’s Tank?

A mouse trap is one method for keeping your cat away from your gecko’s aquarium. The mouse trap’s activity will shock your cat, which is a natural deterrent. You may also use double-sided transparent tape to keep your cat away from your gecko. Cats dislike sticky stuff on their body, so this is another approach … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Spit Blood?

Whether you’ve ever wondered if bearded dragons spew their blood, now you know. Continue reading to find out more. This article will teach you about the causes of stomatitis, the signs of a respiratory tract infection, and what to do if your dragon starts spewing blood. Metabolic Bone Disease Symptoms Metabolic bone disease in bearded … Read more

Asparagus Ferns Are Safe For Gargoyle Geckoes

Gargoyle geckos are naturally arboreal creatures that need a lot of greenery to survive. They need living plants in their cage to survive in their mini-ecosystem. While they may not be able to consume asparagus ferns, they will surely love a nice and healthy pinkie mouse. Ferns with Bird’s Nests The Bird’s Nest Fern is … Read more

Leopard Gecko and Poison Ivy

You may maintain a leopard gecko in your house, but be cautious of poison ivy. There are many methods for keeping your gecko away from this plant. The first measure is to avoid exposing children to poison ivy. The next step is to keep your gecko from eating poison ivy. Selecting the Best Gecko If … Read more

Can Sugar Gliders Have Toys With Glitter on Them?

There are a few things you can do to make your sugar glider’s life easier. Sugar gliders are gregarious creatures that live in colonies. Each group may consist of up to seven adults and four or five young from the previous season. There are few lonely gliders, but the majority are social. They groom each … Read more

Is Shampoo Ginger Lily Safe For Cleaning Bearded Dragons?

Yes, shampoo ginger lily is generally safe for cleaning bearded dragons. Shampoo ginger is a clumping herbaceous plant that grows in clusters. It has a thick and knobby rhizome. It’s from the tropical Indo-Malesian area. It is commonly grown in the Asian tropics and many tropical Pacific Ocean locations. It grows well in well-drained, humus-rich … Read more

How Can I Help My Gecko Shed If He Won’t Let Me Touch Him?

The first approach to assisting your gecko in shedding is to be gentle. Pick up the gecko by the middle, using as many fingers as possible. This will strengthen the grasp and keep the gecko from falling. Additionally, keep one hand below the gecko in case it falls. Also, don’t squeeze too tight, since geckos … Read more

Signs of Stress in a White Spotted Gecko Or Tarendola Annuaris

There are various things you can do to aid your white spotted gecko or tarantula annular if it is showing symptoms of stress. To begin, ensure that the environment is clean and stress-free. Not only will keeping the area clean help your pet feel better, but it will also keep other geckos away. Identifying the … Read more

Do Leopard Geckos Have Anxiety?

Geckos behave differently based on what they do. A leopard gecko, for example, may lick its eyes to keep them clean. When wooing or pursuing prey, they may also wave their tails. These activities are intended to dissuade predators or rivals from approaching their area. Stress symptoms in a leopard gecko Leopard geckos are typically … Read more

What Animal Does the Sugar Glider Compete With?

Sugar gliders are omnivores that consume insects, spiders, and fruit. They also cluster to save energy and only reproduce once or twice a year. Their range extends from the northern and eastern beaches to the mountain ranges. They consume insects and arachnids. The sugar glider consumes a wide range of foods, including insects and plants. … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mango?

Yes, you may give mango to your bearded dragon. However, feed them a little piece and pair it with other healthful dishes. They should consume mango just once or twice a month. Choose ripe, undamaged mango that has not been frozen to ensure they get the most out of it. Furthermore, use organic mango to … Read more

Why Do Some Ceramic Geckos Have a Large Opening For the Mouth?

If you have a ceramic gecko, you may be asking why it has such a large mouth opening. This is rather prevalent in several geckos. This trait may be related to their food, which consists mostly of corn cob granules. This diet will help them stay healthy and robust. Geckos with crests Geckos are great … Read more