Sugar Gliders and Tupelo Fabric

If you have a cage for your sugar gliders, opt for fleece bedding, which is the safest material for your sugar gliders. Hammocks, sleeping bags, and vine-like objects for your gliders to climb on are often included in these sets. Depending on the merchant, you may even get one-of-a-kind products that are tailored to your taste.

Wheels with Wodent

The Wodent Wheel is an alternative to typical glider-climbing wheels. The large style of these wheels complements the way gliders run. They are also simpler to utilize on your glider than wire wheels. If you are concerned that your glider may get injured when climbing on the Wodent Wheel, you can replace the middle bar with a plastic tube. This will keep your glider’s tail from snagging on the rotating bearings.

Cruiser of Your Choice

You may give bedding to your pet if you have a glider. Sugar glider bedding sets made of fleece, which is a safe material, may be purchased. These kits often include sleeping bags, hammocks, and vine-like structures for them to climb on. Depending on the seller, these sets may also contain one-of-a-kind parts for your glider’s cage.

A tent that pops up

A sugar glider Pop up tent is a wonderful choice for a safe room for your sugar gliders. These nocturnal critters are highly active at night, so spending time in a tent with your gliders is a terrific opportunity to connect with them. Once your gliders have relaxed within the tent, you may engage them with toys and snacks. Gliders will investigate the tent and maybe climb on it. You may return them to their cage after they are weary of this activity.


Fleece is a synthetic material that is similar to wool but is lighter and more breathable. It’s also gentle on the gliders’ claws and limbs. As a result, fleece is an excellent option for cage flooring and bedding for sugar gliders.


If you have a lactose-intolerant Sugar Glider, you should avoid giving them dairy products entirely. Milk sugar and other dairy products are unnatural for these little animals and should not be provided to them. Many physicians advise giving only natural meals to these lovely critters. Sugar gliders should not consume yogurt, for example. Also, avoid giving these cute creatures any human beverages since they are harmful.

Making use of a running wheel

A running wheel is an ideal method to provide sugar gliders with an exciting location to climb and play. However, many pet shop wheels are hazardous to your gliders. Fortunately, several manufacturers manufacture and sell safe sugar glider wheels.

Including perches

Adding sugar glider perches to their cages is an excellent method to offer them with a safe, high place to climb. A perch made of wood or plastic is suitable. You may also supply perches made of branches from outside the cage. Before utilizing wood or plastic perches in your gliders’ cages, be sure to sanitize them.

Sugar glider feeding

It is essential to begin feeding a sugar glider with the proper resources. A tulle fabric or mesh bag, as well as a bowl, are required. This will make it easier to pour the food onto the cloth. The glider may alternatively be fed via the bars. The next step is to carefully handle the glider.